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I feel like the main issue here is the balance between bass guitar/ bass misc and kick drum. The kick is a little too tinny especially at the chorus, but heck, that's smart as a producer in a genre they're not well versed in so kudos cause you kept it all in tact respectfully. I wish i motivation delve deeper it's pretty awesome alright?

Tons of stuff going on in the background on this, because of this it sounds really fleshed out. The melodies are really good and there's some awesome composition and varieties/fillers. I really like what you did around the 2:30-50 mark, really neat melody. The pads in the background are awesome and add to the atmosphere perfectly.

This is definitely one of the best songs I've heard from you and some of the best mixing I've heard on Newgrounds.

SkyeWint responds:

Dude, Omnisphere is one of the most amazing things ever.

So endless hours of nosing around FL trying to make a single sound fit your brain's vision. The results may not be immediate, but after years of practice suddenly things like this. At least that's how it has been for me, but I'm pretty sure it's the same for everyone. Now you know this already, but I don't write as much as you. I just don't have much to say about other people's music usually. The only things I can usually think of to say are basically if it were ME making the song, what would I want it to sound like? Well that's not my choice to make. Of course, that is disregarding technical issues which this song clearly has a lack of. I like it, it reminds me of NIN and the production is excellent. I used to have Addictive Drums but it stopped working, it's great and I miss it. However, what you did with the drums is awesome, might as well be live. 5/5 from me, vocals sound good and they blend in well.

Keep it up man!

SkyeWint responds:

Endless hours of messing around. ;-; ENDLESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

I have no idea what NIN is, but I'm going to take that as a compliment considering the rest of that sentence. Addictive Drums is awesome too, it probably took the longest to set up out of all the aspects in the song.

Love this album dude, seeing them in October!

Horsenwelles responds:

i wish i could see them. the closest they come to us is new orleans, but i'm working on getting a ticket to see them. QOTSA for life!

Haha love The Room. Yea not the best song, it's just too empty, flesh it out. Add more layers, a pad, sub bass, etc. Not much more I can say but I do love The Room.

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TheGreatKhalem responds:

It's in intentionally bad,
which makes it so good..
Haha it's hard to explain, but,
Thank you ! And yeah sure ill check it out

Very pretty, easy to get lost in. Continue it please!

NebulousDawn responds:

Thank you! Much appreciated :)

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It's been a while since I've heard a track from you. Oh man, this is awesome. Great work. I am really digging this one. It's very well constructed content wise, and it is very well executed- great mixing and sound.

Excellent work.

Kubbi responds:

Thanks, bud! Nice to hear from you again

Nice and soothing. Very ambient.

I feel like you could build it up more at some point. BASS. Maybe a subtle, not overpowering, simple quarter-note bass part in there. But then again, that could diminish the ambiance. But it's just a thought.

But it sounds great. Clean and simple. I enjoyed.

This is chill as ****
Very ambient, yet like you said, somewhat odd.

Don't care for the new progression at 1:58-2:35...Something feels off about it. One or two of the chords could be changed for improvement.

Overall the song shines. You did a great job of creating an ambient atmosphere and it was really well done as a whole.

Carr77 responds:

Thanks man :3 Your comment made me very happy!

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