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Entry #3

To any fans

2012-04-10 11:57:13 by RunningShadows

Well, if we actually have any fans... You'll be glad to hear that we have a ton of new songs in the works which will be uploaded one by one each Friday. We promise we won't forget this time! These songs are some of our best ever so keep an eye out for them. Life's been crazy busy for both of us so music making opportunities have been minimal, and as we get better it takes more and more time. However, we've got a few done in the past few months, so again, keep an eye out.

To any fans


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2012-04-21 12:08:47

See? New song!


2012-04-24 14:39:13

Dude. You guys have me looking forward to each new song of yours. I'll be sure to try to get a review in on Brooding before the next one comes out.